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Congrats Dr. Soniya Bag on the recent completion of her double Master's (MSc) in Medicine and Global Health from Maastricht University.

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This innovative Virtual Spanish Exchange will bring together students from diverse backgrounds


The competition, which took place on November 19 at Aleeze Convention Center


Congrats to Cari-Be-Green of

St. Dominic High for winning both Crowd Favorite (ANG 2500) and Grand Prize (ANG 10 000 and an entrepreneurial exchange in summer of 2024)

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Thank you Spirit Week Committee

Special thanks to all who contributed.

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SDHS opens with a Bang

Introduction week featrures Impactful community members

100% Pass Rate for Class 2023.png

100% Pass Rate for Class of 2023

St. Dominic High School celebrates 100% pass rate for Class of 2023

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Justice Minister and Form5 students discuss differenr topics

Minister and students discuss about drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and more.


Roseburg motivates Form 5 students

Roseburg shared inspirational journey to becoming a successful attorney


St. Maarten, August 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As we welcome you to a new academic year, we hope that you are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and endless excitement to continue or begin this journey at the St. Dominic High School. It is with great pleasure that we, management, teachers. and staff, welcome you to experience the new and improved, rebranded and reimaged St. Dominic High School.

There are many changes happening within our school and we are ecstatic to have you on this journey with us. One such change is the new package choice available for form 2 students going to form 3. It is called the Humanities package, which includes Agricultural Science. By now, we all know the importance of growing your own food. Furthermore, for those students whose career choices do not compel them to follow any business or science subjects and have a love for languages or the arts, this package offers that opportunity for them to strengthen their Spanish and French while learning about the history of the Caribbean and the world.

Additionally, we are taking on the challenge of focusing on four new learning approaches in the classroom that will awaken the love for learning in our students, namely: Project-based learning, Problem-based learning, Inquiry-based learning, and Theme-based learning. These learning approaches will help students become independent learners and critical thinkers. As technology is quickly evolving and new careers are emerging, our teachers must be able to adapt to these changes and equip our students with the tools and skills needed to be successful in the 21st century. 
We are counting on you, the parents and guardians, once more to be a part of this journey with us and our students. We hope that you will also be inspired by what we are doing at school and imitate the same love for learning at home with your child(ren). Be open to answer their questions and guide them into the right direction. As we all know the old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” Let us come together and make this academic year one for the books!

Once more, I would like to wish you a very successful 2023-2024 school year! And remember our three values: 
Knowledge: Seek out ways to know more! Respect: Be respectful of others and yourself! Creativity: Dare to think outside of the box!



Esmeralda Sutton

Location Manager

SUTTON, Esmeralda.JPG

Know our Staff

SUTTON, Esmeralda.JPG

Ms. Esmeralda Sutton
Location Manager

Maartje de Groot-A.jpg

Mrs. Maartje de Groot
Assistant Location Manager Coordinator


Ms. Marie Richardson
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Student Counselor

Ms. Wigna Mentar

Career Counselor
Mrs. Gianne Wilson-de Weever


Guidance Counselor
Mr. Garfield Young


Ms. Shina Herbert


Sycamore Administrator
Mr. Rob Verschueren

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