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St. Maarten, August 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I hope you had a relaxing summer break, as we welcome you back to school. For the past two years, we have learned to live in what we call our “new normal.” Covid was, and still is, something we fear, but we must remember that we are resilient. During lockdown, some of us have been able to master our skills, while others have learned that they have some skills. Whether we are beginners or masters at these skills, learning must continue, in spite of what we have been through.


This academic year 2022-2023, we are aiming to foster independent learning and learners. As teachers continue teaching and students continue learning, we hope that the Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL) skills become second nature to all. Students will be asked to work on the following skills:


  • Self-management: students will learn how to manage their time, be organized, prioritize, make informed choices, and think about their wellness, among others.

  • Communication: students will learn how to actively listen, speak to peers and adults, understand (non)verbal communication

  • Research: students will learn how to collect data and analyze it, formulate research questions, and present their findings.

  • Thinking: students will learn how to acquire knowledge, comprehend various texts, analyze and apply their knowledge, evaluate.

  • Social: students will learn to work in groups, accept others’ opinions and ideas, empathize, accept responsibility.


We are asking parents and guardians to help us on this journey, as we all know that it takes a village to raise a child. We are working on keeping the communication lines open between home and school. We have one end goal in mind, and that is to have a successful school year. We can only do that by working together in the interest of your child(ren).


I wish each and every one of you a stress-free and successful school year 2022-2023! We are called to be faithful in everything that we do.



Esmeralda Sutton

Location Manager

SUTTON, Esmeralda.JPG

Know our Staff

SUTTON, Esmeralda.JPG

Ms. Esmeralda Sutton
Location Manager

Maartje de Groot-A.jpg

Mrs. Maartje de Groot
Assistant Location Manager Coordinator


Ms. Marie Richardson
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Student Counselor
Ms. Wigna Mentar


Career Counselor
Mrs. Gianne Wilson-de Weever


Guidance Counselor
Mr. Garfield Young


Internationalization Coordinator
Ms. Sinatra Rouse


Ms. Shina Herbert


Sycamore Administrator
Mr. Rob Verschueren

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