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St. Dominic High School's vision of student care is to systematically track the progress of students, and ensure that the students' academic, social/emotional and physical needs of the students are being supported and stimulated to their highest potential.   


To submit a form for the respective care team professional, click on the link of  Counselor, Career Counselor, or Coordinator. All forms submitted are confidential and are received only by the support staff member it was sent to.



The Counselor is here to support students with social-emotional & psychological challenges.

Both students and parents can submit a referral form to the counselor.

There are two types of counseling forms.

A Self Referral Form for students:  Student Self-referral Form

and a Counseling Referral Form to be submitted by parents: Counseling Referral Form

Parents also have to sign and submit the Parent Consent Form.


Career Counselor

The Career Counselor is here to guide and support students as students work through their career path.

A student may click here to Request an Appointment with the Career Counselor.



The Coordinator is here to assist students who are concerned with their academic performance.

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