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Virtual Spanish Exchange

St Dominic High School's International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is excited to announce a collaborative initiative with Elian's British School of La Nucia in Alicante, Spain. This innovative virtual Spanish exchange will bring together students from diverse backgrounds, fostering global connections while enhancing language proficiency in an international and real-world context. 

The participating class from Elian's British School includes students hailing from Russia, Great Britain, France, and Sweden. On the St. Maarten side of the virtual exchange, students from St. Dominic represent Jamaica, Bolivia, Columbia, St. Maarten, China, India, and Guyana. This unique blend of cultural perspectives promises to create a rich and dynamic environment for the students and teachers that transcends traditional methods and approaches to teaching and learning. 

Spanish Language teachers Ms. Agata Plein of St. Dominic High and Ms. J. Cristina Fuster of Elian’s British School designed this year-long collaborative project with the primary focus centered around in-depth discussions on key topics such as health and lifestyle, identity, experiences, holidays, and travel. By delving into these subjects, students aim to not only improve their fluency in Spanish but also to develop a deeper understanding of each other's cultures and perspectives. to express their opinions and ideas in Spanish, contributing to their linguistic development. 

The virtual exchange will be facilitated through the newly renovated and redesigned E-library at St. Dominic High School, allowing students to use their digital devices in collaborative spaces to engage in real-time conversations with their counterparts in Spain.  The project's overarching objective is to provide students with opportunities to express their opinions and ideas, while fostering open dialogue and encouraging the discovery of commonalities with citizens across the globe.

Ms. Marie T. Richardson, coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at St. Dominic High School, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "This is one way to break down geographical barriers and create an opportunity for cultural exchange. Our students can engage with their peers from different corners of the world who are also studying in the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme. This goes beyond language learning; it's about building bridges and understanding diverse perspectives."


Additionally, this project aligns with the schools' commitment and IB’s educational mission of promoting international-mindedness and cultivating well-rounded global citizens. By leveraging technology to bridge geographical gaps, St Dominic High School and Elian's British School are pioneering new ways of fostering cross-cultural connections in education.

For more information about this collaborative initiative or the IB Diploma Programme at St. Dominic High School, please contact:

Marie T. Richardson

Diploma Programme Coordinator

St. Dominic High School

LB Scot Road #209

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