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Comenius Sweden (Mar 2014)

St. Dominic High School Students off to Sweden

Day 1+2+3 by Charlotte Iltes (IB1)
Day 4+5 by Iris Hakkens (Form-5)
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Day 1 (Saturday March 22nd)
After numerous flights and a long day of travelling, our Comenius group was greeted by degrees below zero as we got out of the plane in Skelleftea. Although some of the snow had melted, there was enough for us to see around the airport area as many of us had never seen snow before. I met my family right away, my host was very warm and welcoming and so was her family. On the car ride home which was about 45 mins long I could not believe the scenery. It was everything I expected and more, all the snow was white and there were endless trees of the same type. On our way home my host family was nice enough to bring me to a view point where I could see the city of Skellefta, it was gorgeous. Their house is also very nice and cozy, my host is letting me sleep in her room for the week. I am very excited for this week to begin and to meet the rest of the Comenius students. We met the Italians on our last flight to Skellefta and they seemed cool too! Since tomorrow is a free day all of us are going to see a hockey game, which I was told is a huge deal here. My host mom also said that we would go ice fishing during the day and hopefully have fish for dinner that evening. Coming here was most definitely a culture shock and the program hasn’t even begun yet!


Day 2 (Sunday March 23rd)
Today was a free day for us to spend time with our families, I was expecting a relaxed day but my family had a lot planned for us. We got up at 8:30am and immediately got dressed in heavy winter gear they had. We headed to a local area where families go to fish on a frozen lake. There was a cabin .......

IB Diploma Application Package



The IB Diploma Programme Application for the school year 2014-2015 is now available.

Download 2014 IBDP Application Package 

Important Dates
  • Complete and submit by April 8
  • Take reading and writing skills assessment test on April 12
  • IB interviews May 19-23
  • IB admissions notifications May 29
  • IB Class of 2016 registration June 10-11

CXC EXAMS Timetable MAY - JUNE 2014
CXC EXAMS Timetable MAY - JUNE 2014